Guidelines of Hydrotherapy treatment and our facilities.

Prior to hydrotherapy you will be assessed by your Physiotherapist and they will decide on the correct course of treatment. Hydrotherapy treatment is usually broken down into five or six 30minute sessions.

If you are using the pool holistically or as a life enhancement, you are able to use the pool with your support worker or family.

If you are using the pool for relaxation we recommend you bring along a towel and keep hydrated beforehand and afterward.

At Vestacare Hydrotherapy Centre we provide lockers, hairdryers and towels although you can bring along your own towel. We have a mechanical hoist and steps leading down into the pool for easy access. We also have sensory lighting in the pool and provide a selection of floats.

It is normal to feel tired after treatment, please keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water, prior to and after your hydrotherapy treatment.

Our pool is microbiologically tested every two weeks and maintained daily with a depth of 1.2 metres.

After Hydrotherapy treatment we invite you to relax in our warm and welcoming reception area with a selection of hot and cold refreshments